United Way donation of Ecofans

Caframo “Spreads the Warmth” in Grey-Bruce with Donation of Ecofans to the United Way

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Caframo has donated 100 Ecofans to help low-income families that heat with wood.  The United Way Utility Assistance Program provides financial support to those who do not have enough money to keep their homes heated through the winter.  Ecofans can make each firewood dollar go up to 20% further. The retail value of the donation is more than $15,000.

Ecofans circulate the heat from a wood stove further into the room, rather than the heat staying around the stove and rising to the ceiling.  The increased circulation makes the space feel warmer and has been proven to reduce fuel usage. The fans are powered from the heat of the wood stove and do not require batteries or electricity to run.

Tony Solecki, Caframo’s president, stated, “We are pleased to share these Ecofans throughout Grey-Bruce.  The fans will help families feel warmer and stretch their firewood this winter.  Giving back to the community is an essential part of Caframo’s core values.


Pictured is Tony Solecki, President of Caframo presenting an Ecofan to Francesca Dobbyn of the United Way