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Caframo is a privately owned Canadian manufacturing company founded in 1955. We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in laboratory overhead stirrers, specialty fans, heaters, thermoelectric fans, and thermoelectric lighting. Caframo is more than just a quality manufacturer; Caframo is a great place to work.

Our unique combination of products, and our name, originally evolved from the development of Canadian Fractional Motors and the products that use them. A fractional motor is a motor that outputs less than 1 horse power.

Today, our product line is organized into two divisions – Caframo Lifestyle Solutions (consumer products) and Caframo Laboratory Solutions (laboratory stirrers and accessories). Caframo Lifestyle Solutions include the Ecofan, JOI Lamp, specialty marine fans and heaters. Caframo Laboratory Solutions produces overhead stirrers and a wide range of accessories.

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Company processes include: market research, customer feedback, product design, parts manufacturing, assembly, packaging, quality testing and functional testing. Caframo products are built and approved to appropriate standards such as CE, US, CSA, RoHS and WEEE.

We are a company with vision. Our research and development endeavours never end.

Mission Statement

We make the best parts of your life better.
We combine deep customer insight with leading edge technology to

  • provide world class stirring solutions
  • provide personal comfort and equipment protection for specialty markets

We research, design, develop, and manufacture in Canada for the world.

Caframo technologies

Caframo was founded in 1955 to manufacture innovative fans and heaters for a variety of retail markets. We select markets and applications that leverage our design experience, manufacturing capabilities and expert knowledge to deliver products that reliably meet the needs of our customers.

Caframo Technology

Care for the environment

Caframo’s beautiful location, overlooking the Georgian Bay, makes it easy to recognize the need to respect our environment.

All Caframo products are shipped in Styrofoam-free packaging. Recycling is an integral part of everything we do.

We comply not only with all North American Standards, but environmental standards world wide such as the European WEEE and RoHS directives.

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Caframo Lifestyle Solutions designs, develops and manufactures high quality fans, heaters, lighting and specialty products. We pride ourselves on making unique products of the highest quality.

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Caframo Laboratory Solutions offers overhead stirrers with brushless DC motors, metal housings, digital displays and a wide range of electropolished accessories.

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Work and live on the picturesque shores of Georgian Bay

Caframo is always looking to add people to our team who are passionate about what they do; strive to meet their full potential; and want to make a difference.

  • Innovative Projects
  • Camaraderie
  • Continuing Education

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    Our Technology

    Applying innovative, patented technology, we develop products based on market research and customer feedback.

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    Caframo is committed to supporting our local community.

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    Caframo Culture

    Caframo is a great place to work, incorporating the values of Respect, Fairness, Credibility, Price and Camaraderie.

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