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Thermoelectric Technology

Caframo is on the cutting edge of applying thermoelectric principles to create real world applications that offer personal comfort solutions. Our first thermoelectric product, Ecofan by Caframo, works on the “Seebeck effect” through a thermoelectric module, using waste heat to generate electrical power that is used to drive a DC motor, which rotates a fan blade that propels and circulates heated air into your living space. Proven in our testing lab to cut your fuel costs by up to 18%, this silent and eco-friendly product is the winner of many awards for innovation and design.

Ecofan & JOI Logos

Caframo’s most recent thermoelectric product is JOI, the first product of our Thermologi brand.  Using the same technology as the Ecofan, JOI transforms the heat from a tea light candle into electricity that powers a canopy of LED lights giving you the equivalent lighting of 100 tea light candles.

Computerized Simulations, Design and Analysis

Using computerized software and a numerical technique called Finite Element Analysis (FEA), our Product Development Engineering team can create, test and optimize product designs on simulation software before building their first physical prototypes. FEA software allows the designer to create 3D models and analyze the design for stress, strain, loads, etc., based on the known properties of different materials. The same software can also test the physical limitations (thermal, fatigue, velocity etc.) of parts and assembly through various simulated tests as well as simulate interactions between the product and its environment (i.e. Fluid Dynamics – airflow, etc.). FEA software enhances the product design experience through cost savings and the ability to explore and evaluate more design ideas.

Engineering Test Lab

Caframo has built an engineering test lab to test and observe all of our products in real life scenarios and harsh environment conditions, to prove and ensure safety, quality and innovation across all products.  Testing instrumentation in the lab includes a wind tunnel, thermocouples, an environmental chamber and many more testing devices. Studies performed range from: wood fuel usage measurements showings the potential cost savings of using an Ecofan; to the safety of using Caframo’s explosion proof heater in marine engine compartment; to demonstrating the efficiency of Caframo stirrers in mixing highly viscous materials and liquids.

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Caframo is always looking to add people to our team who are passionate about what they do; strive to meet their full potential; and want to make a difference.

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