Caframo Makes a Record Donation to the Tea-Time Quilters at their Annual Family Picnic

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Caframo employees presented a record donation of over $19,000 to the Tea-Time Quilters at their Annual Family Picnic. The Tea Time Quilters are dedicated to making handmade quilts and bedding for people in need in the community. The quilts provide comfort to people with illness, children taken into care by the CAS, injured veterans, victims of fire, local daycares, and hand quilted pillowcases for seniors in nursing homes.

Each year, Caframo employees select one local charity to support. A charity committee plans creative monthly initiatives to help raise money. Following which, Caframo provides matching funds up to $5,000.

This year, Caframo’s employees will support the Bruce Peninsula Family Centre, a daycare in Lions Head.



Shown from left to right, Rosanne Mansfield (Caframo); Niki Forbes, Anita Cunningham, Mary Swanton (Tea Time Quilters).