Work'n Play Sport Press Release

Caframo Ltd
R.R.#2 Wiarton ON Canada N0H 2T0

November 15, 2007


Caframo announced the launch of its new Work'n Play Sport, an on-the-go dryer perfect for the traveler or athlete who needs to keep their boots and gloves warm and dry.

The Work‘n Play Portable features dual action heat and air giving it the convenient ability of drying both gloves and boots at the same time. Its foldable, compact construction makes it easy to pack up or store while on the move. As well, this CSA approved product has extendable drying tubes for varying sizes of footwear making it suitable for everyone in the family.

Caframo's Work'n Play Portable leads to comfortably warm boots and gloves as it removes moisture and odors. Its unique arrangement allows the boots to remain upright, keeping salt and moisture from damaging footwear or gloves.

This product is ideal for all people from skiers, skaters to any competitor who deals with wet footwear. Outdoorsy people will enjoy the benefits of the Work‘n Play Sport which will allow them to get back outside quicker and more comfortably with warm, dry boots and gloves. Apartment dwellers short on space will appreciate the Sport's compact size.

Caframo was founded in 1955 to manufacture innovative fans and heaters for a variety of retail markets. Located on the shores of Georgian Bay in Wiarton, Ontario, Caframo Ltd. is a privately owned company with 60 employees. Other Caframo heating products include the Work‘n Play Drying Station, StorDry mold and mildew fighter as well as the True North Space Heater.

For Additional Information:
Contact: Elliott Good
Marketing Manager
519-534-1080 ext. 237

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