Work'n Play Drying Station Press Release

Caframo Ltd
R.R.#2 Wiarton ON Canada N0H 2T0

November 15, 2007


Canadian company Caframo Ltd. launched a new solution to wet boots and gloves; the 7801 Work 'N Play Drying Station will keep a family's hands and feet warm and dry year round.

The Drying Station features dual action heat and air ideal for removing perspiration, moisture and odor from seasonal footwear and gloves. The tidy all-in-one setup comes equipped with:

  • Boot tray
    1. Designed to catch moisture from wet gear
    2. Special ridges allows for ice skates to freely stand upright
  • Glove holders
    1. Located in back corners of the station, allows gloves to dry without interfering with the boots
  • Boot tray
    1. Equipped with push button digital timer, controllable up to 8 hours

The extendable drying tubes increase your drying options and combinations while the 'Heat Off' option protects leathers and other delicate materials. Its unique arrangement allows the boots to remain upright, keeping salt and moisture from damaging footwear or gloves.

This functional product is ideal for all people from skiers, skaters to any competitor who deals with wet footwear. Outdoorsy people will enjoy the benefits of the Work 'N Play which will allow them to get back outside quicker and more comfortably with warm, dry boots and gloves. Families with children will appreciate the Drying Station's versatility when it comes to dealing with multiple pairs of wet boots.

Caframo was founded in 1955 to manufacture innovative fans and heaters for a variety of retail markets. Located on the shores of Georgian Bay in Wiarton, Ontario, Caframo Ltd. is a privately owned company with 60 employees. Other Caframo heating products include the Work 'N Play Drying Station, StorDry mold and mildew fighter as well as the True North Space Heater.

For Additional Information:
Contact: Elliott Good
Marketing Manager
519-534-1080 ext. 237

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