How does the ClosetMate/ Stor-Dry work?

The Caframo ClosetMate/ Stor-Dry is a maintenance free solution to fight mold and mildew odors in many situations such as unused rooms, cottages, tarped boats and winterized RVís.

Mold spores are virtually everywhere with most types growing best in warm, dark, moist conditions. In order for it to exist and grow mold needs 3 things:

  • food (any organic material)
  • oxygen
  • moisture

The most significant factor by far is the presence of moisture. Thatís why in most homes, boats or RVís you will typically find mold in an area where water has leaked in or on colder outside walls on which moisture condenses.

Engineers at the North Dakota State University identify two of the best ways to prevent mold as:

  • preventing condensation
  • increasing the flow of air within a room

The Caframo ClosetMate/ Stor-Dry combats mold and mildew with its unique dual action that utilizes both a low wattage heating element and a fan to circulate air.

The amount of water vapour air can hold (absolute humidity) increases with temperature. By warming up the air in a room or cabin the ClosetMate/ Stor-Dry keeps the moisture suspended in the air rather than condensing on surfaces where the mold spores begin to grow.

Secondly, the ClosetMate/ Stor-Dry fan keeps a small amount of air moving throughout the room to help evaporate any moisture that is able to condensate on surfaces to again impede the growth of mold spores.

A good, concise web page explaining how humidity changes with temperature can be viewed here.

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